Depictions of Slavery in Confederate and Southern States Currency
Original Acrylic on Canvas Paintings by

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                              Factory Workers 

Southerners also knew that if slavery could be transferred from the fields to the factories, slaveowners could control the emerging industrial economy in America and the world. “Slave Factory Workers” is the only known image of slaves in an industrial setting. However, Southerners were worried that if slaves proved intelligent enough to operate a machine, it would be difficult to justify keeping them in bondage

In addition, the concept of “Industrial Slavery” was threatening to white industrial wage laborers and the economic dominance of factory owners who had to pay for labor.




The Franklin G. Burroughs
Simeon B. Chapin Art Museum
3100 South Ocean Boulevard
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina



  "Slave Factory Workers"
Collection of Horace Felix
New York, New York



State of North Carolina, $4.00

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